Born in Laje do Muriaé, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Silvério Pontes is the Brazilian trumpet player who now dedicates himself exclusively to Brazilian music and to Choro.

Son of a trumpeter, he grew up listening to music bands from the interior and by them he was influenced directly from childhood. Later, at age 17, he studied at the Villa Lobos Music School and at the National School of Music. He became a professional musician to then be invited by Luiz Melodia for his first tour in the year 1986. From then on it did not stop. After this first tour, he recorded and played all over the country with Tim Maia's Vitoria Régia Band for 12 years. He also played with several other artists such as: Elza Soares, Ed Motta and Cidade Negra. Even with all these activities, Silvério and his friend Zé da Velha maintain a musical partnership since 1985 that has already yielded to the duo five albums. Brazilian music of quality!